Dynamic Action Star Steven Seagal teaches at rare 1990 Seminar in San Jose, California


“A sliding tactic to deal with a kick!”

We are pleased to continue with this series of video clips featuring movie action star Steven Seagal taken at a seminar in San Jose, California in 1990. This seminar took place just at the time of the ascent of his movie career, and as such is a rare event.

Seagal Sensei is in fine form, his teaching style dynamic, and technical explanations direct and to the point. In this series of video clips, his main uke is Haruo Matsuoka Sensei. For the period, the video quality of the seminar is excellent with clear audio. As such, viewers will gain insight into the reasons why so many people were captured by his skills and charisma both on the mat and on the movie screen which contributed greatly to his rise to fame.

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Part 4


  1. Cuauhtemoc says:

    Thanks for share this video! Best Regards from Mexico!

  2. Hi!

    I can’t seem to make the download work after logging in.

  3. I’ve had the opportunity to train with Haruo Matsuoka Sensei and some of his students…

  4. Thank you for this. It is a rare chance to see Seagal Sensei teach. He is a phenomenal Aikido Master.

  5. I love this site!

  6. I would love to see Take sensi explain tenshin methods of Aikido

  7. Love the art wish I could get Stephen Seagal’s autograph picture for my birthday 2-27-1964

  8. Sou 3*dan de aikido, de Belém Pará Brasil, sou instrutor, de defense aikido policial do mei estado. Estou sem shiram no momento, me identifico muito com o estilo do mestre steven seagal,gostaria ser possível me afiliar no estilo dele.por favor transmita esse msg. Meu facebook Neimar Ferreira

  9. pity those films are so short…pity this man has not wrote his own book on aikido..pity he has not made any educational technical films…he is magician

  10. Sam Hutchinson says:

    I can’t find the link? How do I watch the video?

  11. I’ve always thought that he has/had very effective aikido. Never understood the naysayers.

  12. Peter MichaelDedes says:

    A true ambassador and master of the art of Aikido. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I’ve always wanted to see Sensei Seagal in his younger teaching days. Thank you for sharing these.

  14. Thank you for parts 2 & 3. I remember seeing something about this seminar on youtube but the video and audio was not even close to this quality. As I remember,this seminar video was about an hour long. Will you have any more of it? Thanks again.

  15. Thank you again for outstanding materials from excellent sources. Very much appreciated.

  16. Allen JayBennett says:

    I trained at a seminar with Seagal sensei here in Boulder, Colorado in the mid-1990’s and after the seminar he said that he was going to go to the hospital to help cheer up the patients.

  17. JoeWilliams says:

    I love his style of Aikido. Very aggressive and seems to be an excellent instructor.

  18. Mario Alexis says:

    Thank you for these videos it is a very great pleasure to see Steven Seagal Sensei demonstrating his own approach to Aikido’s techniques.

  19. I think that O’Sensei would have appreciated Steven Seagal spreading Aikido around the world through the motion picture industry. There is one thing I don’t understand about Sensei Segal’s training in his younger years in Japan. I might be wrong in this but it appears that he jumped from Shodan to Godan. How is this possible to go from a first degree black belt to a fifth degree black belt, what happened to the in-between second, third and forth dan rankings? I have read that he married one of his Sensei’s daughter’s while he was in Japan and that possibly his new father in law expedited Sensei Segal’s second, third and fourth degree rankings. This is all hear say so I am not really sure what the truth is but now I have heard that Steven Segal is an 8th degree teacher of Aikido. Maybe in future articles Aikido Journal could clarify the history of Sensei Segal’s ranking in Aikido. I really enjoy daily reading all the magnificent articles AJ has brought to the public eye, keep up the fine history lessons, they are much appreciated around the world.

    • Hi Clay,

      It appears that something along those lines did happen, but the only evidence is anecdotal. My information ranks him as a 7th dan Aikikai, rather than 8th dan.

      • I had read that Seagal Sensei’s wife had said that his black belt promotions were somewhat expedited because of his extraordinary adeptness at learning and perfecting the techniques and because he was teaching as well.From all that I’ve read he lived in the dojo and trained between 12 and 17 hrs each day.You can put in your time much quicker under those conditions than someone who trains 3 or 4 times a week for a couple of hours each time. In a 2012 interview when asked what his rank was he said he was a 7th dan.The interviewer asked him if he would get an 8th or 9th and he said he would be an 8th but that he doesn’t believe he’ll ever be a 9th because as far as he knows there is no one left alive who could promote him to 9th.

        • Take sensei maybe he is a great student of supreme self development contributing to his fast promotion to 5th from first. There is aleays a way i believe he will become a 9th dan.

  20. danielgnana says:

    Impressive Aikido notably vs punches & kicks.
    In more than 20 years of practice, I have rarely met these techniques : did I miss the boat ?
    Why are aikido masters so shy to reveall these parts of such a comprehensive art ?

  21. Ive had a copy of this entire seminar on a vhs tape since the mid nineties, good stuff.

  22. I was fortunate to take my test and receive my shodan in Take Sensei’s front yard in California. To have done that in my aikido life was just amazing.

  23. I truly wish the complete seminar was available on DVD. It would be one worth owning. The Path Beyond Thought was a great documentary of what training with Seagal Sensei is like, and one can gleam some insights from thoughtful listening and watching of the few instructional examples provided there in, but nothing at the level of actually getting to hear clear continuous instruction.

    But I agree with Bartek’s sentiment. Seagal Sensei has a very unique and dynamic take on Aikido, and as much as I feel his films have helped make Aikido a household name, and that the Aikido world has benefitted from the exposure, I feel his induction into Hollywood has likely greatly damaged his desire/capacity to share his insights with the world. A couple of Russian seminars aside, at this point he seems more comfortable producing low budget films, and trying to remain a celebrity, than attempting to share his technical insights.

  24. Vitor Schleder de Borba says:

    Does anybody know if Seagal still teaches or even trains Aikido? I’ve seen some recent exposure of him, and he’s so fat. I don’t know.

  25. Peter skilj says:

    I have this entire seminar on VHS. I got it back it 1996 when we (aikido of san jose) trained at that location (we have moved a few miles away since). It was a generational tape type of thing if that makes any sense. I still watch it to this day from time to time. It’s an excellent seminar. You can hear want he says clearly. See what he does at different angles. There are plenty of techniques explored too. The beginning is Matsuoka Sensei teaching because Seagal Sensei’s plane was late. His private plane to be accurate. Seagal Sensei also, for some reason, didn’t want to get paid but was coaxed eventually to accept money for the seminar. I guess he just wanted to train and be normal after all of his success. At the end of my tape there is a very interesting and funny Q and A session with Seagal. It lasts for about 10 minutes.

  26. Chris Anfuso says:

    This is the first time I’ve gotten to see Mr. Segal at his best, not in a movie. Pretty enlightening! Glad I got to see these videos.

  27. Gerardoperezbarba says:

    Thank You for Sharing ! From México.

  28. Jesse polillo says:

    Superb thanks for sharing

  29. Jorge Angulo says:

    Hey Stan great video thanks for sharing. I’ve been associated with Seagal Sensei since the early 90’s got my shodan from him. I still speak to sensei regularly I miss the old days of training with him. Steagal Sensei is truly an amazing Aikido. Been a big fan of your work since The Aiki News days. Hope all is well.. Jorge

  30. Primo P. arbon lll says:

    Thanks a lot Sensei Steven Seagal

  31. very nice to share this video, he is a amazing man and i wish i could have trained with him, he has so much knowledge.
    he is always inspiring others and myself.

  32. nice

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