Aiki Expo

The Aiki Expo events were major aikido seminars sponsored by Aikido Journal and conceived and organized by Stanley Pranin that gathered together many high-ranking teachers from Aikido, Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu, classical Japanese martial arts, and karate. The events included both seminars and demonstrations and encouraged participants to cross-train in other disciplines. Aiki Expos were held in […]

Aiuchi 合打

Mutual strike or cut. Sword term used to describe the circumstance where two swordsmen strike each other simultaneously. In AIKI KEN terminology, often used in contradistinction to AINUKE where neither swordsman can strike or is struck by the other.

William Witt

(b. c. 1938). 7th dan, 2001, Aikikai Shihan, 2002 [rank authenticated]. Engineer. Began practice in 1967 at the AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO. Has lived in Japan on several occasions beginning 1967. Spent one year as an UCHIDESHI at the IWAMA Dojo of Morihiro SAITO in 1971. One of main instructors in the San Francisco Bay area […]

History of Aikido in Yugoslavia

The history of aikido in Yugoslavia begins in 1969 when a group of judoka practiced the art for the first time in Paris. On their return, Milan Zagorac established the first aikido club in the country. At the end of 1969, a group of Yugoslav practitioners participated in a 12-day training session led by Hiroshi […]

Yari 槍

Spear. Morihei UESHIBA is said to have trained intensively in the use of the spear during the AYABE period in the early 1920s. He may have had some formal training in this weapon earlier while studying GOTO-HA YAGYU SHINGAN-RYU JUJUTSU.

Jack Wada

5th dan Aikikai. Began training c. 1969. Taught by Michio HIKITSUCHI in Shingu, Wakayama Prefecture in early 1970s. Also an instructor of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. Presently operates a dojo in San Jose, California. Aikido of San Jose, 587 N. 6th St. , San Jose, CA 95112 USA (408)294-3049.

Yonkyo 四教

Fourth teaching. Refers to pressure applied on a nerve point in the lower forearm to bring the attacker into a pinning position.

Eddy Wolput

(b. 1948). 7th dan Tomiki Aikido – JAA. Banker. First taught by Tony Thielemans, a former student of Aritoshi MURASHIGE, in 1971. Promoted to 1st dan by Hirokazu KOBAYASHI in 1974. Visited Japan in 1976 and practiced KORINDO. Studied in London under Ah Loi LEE in 1979. Made a second trip to Japan where he […]

Tsutomu Yukawa 湯川勉

(1911-13 July 1942). B. Gobo, Wakayama Prefecture. Became UCHIDESHI at KOBUKAN DOJO c. 1931 upon graduation from middle school. Married to a niece of Morihei UESHIBA and a favorite student of the Founder. Later taught at a branch dojo in Osaka. Died in dispute with military police during the war in Osaka.

Masatoshi Yasuno

(b. 7 September 1948). 7th dan Aikikai. Aikikai Shihan. B. Kanazawa Prefecture. First practiced aikido as a university student in 1967. Heavily influenced by Seigo YAMAGUCHI. Has traveled to numerous countries conducting aikido seminars.