Aiki Expo

The Aiki Expo events were major aikido seminars sponsored by Aikido Journal and conceived and organized by Stanley Pranin that gathered together many high-ranking teachers from Aikido, Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu, classical Japanese martial arts, and karate. The events included both seminars and demonstrations and encouraged participants to cross-train in other disciplines. Aiki Expos were held in […]

Aiuchi 合打

Mutual strike or cut. Sword term used to describe the circumstance where two swordsmen strike each other simultaneously. In AIKI KEN terminology, often used in contradistinction to AINUKE where neither swordsman can strike or is struck by the other.



Shigeho Tanaka 田中 茂穂

(b. 1928). 8th dan Aikikai. B. Tokyo. An early practitioner of YOSHINKAN AIKIDO. Presently head instructor of the Meiji Shrine Dojo. Mr. Shigeho Tanaka, 708-121 Ozenji, Asoku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken 215 Japan (044)954-8348.

Masao Tonedate 刀禰館正雄

(Dates unknown). Editor at Osaka Asahi News in mid-to-late 1930s. One of two recipients of the MENKYO KAIDEN from Sokaku TAKEDA in 1939. The other person awarded this certification was Takuma HISA. Tonedate was not a regular practitioner of Daito-ryu aikijujutsu and therefore this scroll should be understood as an honorary award in recognition of […]

Taryujiai 他流試合

Match between exponents of different martial art schools. This sort of inter-school match was common during the Edo period when young swordsmen made pilgrimages for self-training to develop their skills. See MUSHA SHUGYO.

Hakaru Mori 森 恕

(b. 18 September 1931). 8th dan Takumakai. B. Kagawa Prefecture. Attorney. First taught DAITO-RYU AIKIJUJUTSU by Takuma HISA in July 1962. Received KYOJU DAIRI certification in June 1965 and 8th dan in November 1973. General Affairs Manager of TAKUMAKAI. Takumakai, Maison d’Or Koraibashi #605, Koraibashi 1-5-4, Higashi-ku, Osaka-shi Japan (06)222-3700.

Kobukai Foundation 財団法人皇武会

A pre-war legal entity created on 30 April 1940 for the KOBUKAN DOJO and the predecessor of ZAIDAN HOJIN AIKIKAI. The first chairman was retired Admiral Isamu TAKESHITA with General Katsura Hayashi as vice chairman. Among the board members were Count Fumimaro KONOE, Count Toshitame Maeda, Takuo Godo, Kinya Fujita, Kozaburo Okada, Kenji TOMITA, and […]




American affiliate of the JAPAN AIKIDO ASSOCIATION, TOMIKI AIKIDO governing body, formed in 1989 at the initiative of Robert DZIUBLA (Los Angeles, California). Includes representatives from most Tomiki dojos in the U. S. Current Chairmen of the Board, Seiji TANAKA (Denver, Colorado) and Dr. Yoji KONDO (Columbia, Maryland). JAA (USA) Inc. , c/o Robert Dziubla, […]