Aiki Expo

The Aiki Expo events were major aikido seminars sponsored by Aikido Journal and conceived and organized by Stanley Pranin that gathered together many high-ranking teachers from Aikido, Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu, classical Japanese martial arts, and karate. The events included both seminars and demonstrations and encouraged participants to cross-train in other disciplines. Aiki Expos were held in […]

Aiuchi 合打

Mutual strike or cut. Sword term used to describe the circumstance where two swordsmen strike each other simultaneously. In AIKI KEN terminology, often used in contradistinction to AINUKE where neither swordsman can strike or is struck by the other.

Mitsue Yamagata 山形みつえ

(b. 15 February 1948). 6th dan Tomiki Aikido-JAA 1983 [rank authenticated]. B. Gunma Prefecture. Office worker. First taught by Tsuneko MIYAKE in 1965 and, beginning the following year, at the Aoyama Wrestling Center by Hideo OHBA and Kenji TOMIKI. She currently teaches at Junshin Girls’ High School and Okubo Sports Kaikan in Tokyo. Member of […]

Zaidan Hojin Aikikai 財団法人合気会

Aikikai Foundation. The Zaidan Hojin Aikikai was established on 9 February 1948 and is the legal entity under which the AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO operates.

Yoko 横


Waseda University Aikido Club

Founded by Kenji TOMIKI in 1958, the club was established under the proviso that competition be incorporated which was subsequently accomplished. The Waseda Club has dominated interuniversity competitions since their inception in 1969; Waseda teams have been All-Japan Champions 17 times and have placed second the other three times. They have remained undefeated since 1981. […]

Koichiro Yoshikawa 吉沢こいち郎

(b. 1918). Headmaster of the KASHIMA SHINTO-RYU tradition, a school with a 500-year history whose sword has a clearly demonstrable influence on the development of the AIKI KEN. Yoshikawa authorized the dispatch of three senior instructors (Masashige AOKI, Kin’ichi IIDA and Hitoshi KODAMA) to the KOBUKAN DOJO in 1937 to instruct. According to his recollection […]

Seigo Yamaguchi 山口清吾

(13 April 1924-24 January 1996). 8th dan Aikikai. B. Fukuoka Prefecture. Aikikai Shihan. Began training at AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO c. 1951 and quickly rose through the ranks. Dispatched to Burma in 1958 where he remained for several years. One of the senior instructors at the AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO, he taught Monday evening classes for several […]

Zanshin 残心

Lingering spirit. Focus or concentration after execution of technique where the connection or link to the attacker is preserved

Yokomen 横面

Side of the head.