Mitsunari Kanai 金井満成

(b. 1939-28 March 2004). 8th dan Aikikai. B. in Manchuria. Aikikai Shihan. An UCHIDESHI at the AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO from c. 1959 to 1966. Dispatched to Boston, Massachusetts, USA in 1966. Active as a shihan and technical director in the Eastern Region of the UNITED STATES AIKIDO FEDERATION. Joint sponsor of a large summer camp […]

Hoken Inoue 井上方軒

See Noriaki INOUE.

Kata 型

Form. Series of prearranged movements performed individually or in pairs designed to teach basic movements in many martial arts. The use of kata in most styles of aikido is confined to practice with the KEN and JO; the major exception is TOMIKI AIKIDO which makes extensive use of kata as a teaching method. In Tomiki […]

Jose Garrido

(b. 1955). Kyoju Dairi, Nihon Goshin Aikido; 1st dan Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu-Kodokai, 1982 [rank authenticated]. First taught by Richard Bowe in New Jersey, USA in 1965. Holder of rankings from various jujutsu organizations. Recipient of three Presidential Sports Awards, a Certificate of Honor from Federation of Practicing Jujutsuans, and member of the Order of Kentucky Colonels. […]

Greslé, Jean

(b. 1937). 3rd dan FFAAA [rank authenticated] and FFKA. Aikido instructor in Gretz-Armainvilliers, France. Trained under André NOCQUET, Mutsuro NAKAZONO, Kisshomaru UESHIBA, Morihei UESHIBA (1965 to April 1969) and Itsuo TSUDO. First practiced YOSEIKAN AIKIDO and received 1st dan in 1961. Diplôme d’Etat de Professeur d’Aikido. Technical adviser to the FEDERATION FRANCAISE DE KI ET […]



Dan 段

Grade; rank. Used in the black belt grading system popularized by Jigoro KANO, founder of judo, which has been generally adopted in modern Japanese martial arts. After World War II, some classical martial schools also implemented the dan grading system, which at times coexists with the traditional grading method of granting transmission scrolls. The DAITO-RYU […]





Chuko No So 中興の祖

Reviver. Title used to refer to Sokaku TAKEDA in his capacity as reviver of the Aizu martial tradition and its spread outside the clan.