Morihiro Saito Celebrates 50 Years in Aikido, by Stanley Pranin

“An intimate glimpse of the Ueshiba and Saito Families in Iwama when Aikido was born” On May 4, 1996 a celebration was held in Iwama, Ibaragi Prefecture, to commemorate the 50 years Morihiro Saito of the Ibaragi Shuren Dojo has spent in aikido. Following opening remarks by Yoshimi Hanzawa Shihan, speeches were made by Aikikai […]

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Pajama Social gathering Games

Pajama Social gathering Games Every aspiring bride desires everything perfect on her greatest day – the wedding day. But if you had your face closely made-up or put on one of those hideous bridesmaid clothes you may lose all of it. I am married and was reminded of the day when I needed to turn […]

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Information About Medical Wigs

Wigs, Synthetic OR Human Hair? There Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions Online Shop 2015 are many sites are ready of both normal and artificial hairs and get nearer in special colors like ebony and blonde etc. At the reaping, the women either wear something similar to Primrose’ look – white blouse, khaki skirt, or Katniss’ look – […]

Awesome 80s Costume Ideas

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The Improbable Launch of My Career as an Aikido Historian by Stanley Pranin

“A Long Journey Begins with the First Step…” The veterans among visitors to our websites will know something about the history of Aikido Journal, and its predecessor, Aiki News. Here and there I have described our beginnings, but let me flesh out the story a bit more for you now. The trigger for the research […]

“Six Seconds of Precognition,” by Nev Sagiba

Morihei Ueshiba had a peculiar interest in “the six directions” and other polytopic functions and nuances of functionality still not fully understood by scientists. Understandably, many listening but not hearing, interpreted what they could not understand of what he was attempting to convey, as either “poetic,” “mystical,” or “deranged,” and then forthwith either summarily dismissed […]

Rare video: Junichi Haga, Genius Swordsman who challenged Morihei Ueshiba to a match

Sword Master Junichi Haga was a physically powerful man with a quick temper. Around 1933, Haga challenged Morihei Ueshiba to a match. Nobuyoshi Tamura describes the circumstances…” Click here to watch video