Screencast: Focus on History — “Ueshiba Family Tree: The Line of Succession” by Stanley Pranin

Morihei Ueshiba’s Family and Line of Succession In this screencast, Stanley Pranin presents a chart containing an abbreviated genealogical tree of the Ueshiba Family and discusses Morihei Ueshiba’s family background, aikido-related relatives, and the line of succession in aikido. Duration: 6:29 minutes Transcript of screencast Hi, I’m Stanley Pranin, and welcome to another episode of […]

Video: Morihiro Saito’s 1992 special demonstration on promotion to 9th dan

“Saito Sensei built this dojo when it was announced that the Iwama Dojo would soon be torn down” The name of Morihiro Saito is known almost universally among aikido practitioners. He was one of the giants of postwar aikido and among the closest students of Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba, having trained with O-Sensei in Iwama […]

Video: Hiroshi Tada at the 1986 All-Japan Demonstration

“One of Aikido’s most dynamic exponents gives a stirring performance at the 1986 All-Japan Demonstration” Hiroshi Tada Sensei is the last of the high-ranking instructors of the postwar generation within the Aikikai system. He started practice at the Hombu Dojo in 1950 while still a Waseda University student. Tada Sensei spent eight years instructing in […]

Video: Koichi Tohei teaches Ki Society Seminar in Osaka, 1983 — Part 3

“Get the Answer to the Question of What Koichi Tohei Taught Direct from the Source!” Koichi Tohei Sensei’s contributions to postwar aikido are huge. Since his departure from the Aikikai in 1974, newer generations of aikidoka are only vaguely aware of his activities and teaching methodologies. Through videos such as these, we are able to […]

Video: Koichi Tohei teaches Ki Society Seminar in Osaka, 1983 — Part 2

“More of Koichi Tohei’s Insights on Ki Training” This video is the second part of several hours of rare video footage taken during a seminar taught by Koichi Tohei Sensei in Osaka in July, 1983. Tohei Sensei continues his presentation of Ki principles and techniques in clear language and with repeated demonstrations to communicate his […]

Video: Katsuyuki Kondo teaching seminars at Aiki Expo 2002

Katsuyuki Kondo Sensei is one of the most highly regarded of Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu masters. Having practiced for more than 50 years, he is the sole person to have received Menkyo Kaiden certification from Headmaster Tokimune Takeda, son of Sokaku Takeda. Kondo Sensei is an authority on the history of Daito-ryu and its intimate connection with […]

Video: Rinjiro Shirata — “A Catalog of Prewar Aiki Budo Techniques — Part 1”

This videoclip is the first of a three-part series made in commemoration of Rinjiro Shirata Sensei’s 70th birthday celebration. Here Shirata Sensei demonstrates scores of prewar Aiki Budo techniques including literally hundreds of techniques, some basic, some advanced, from the following technical groupings: iriminage, shihonage, kaitennage, kotegaeshi, and tenchinage. This video, nearly 30 years old […]

Video: Kenji Tomiki: Aikido Kyogi, Part 2 — “Competition”

Among the many distinguished disciples of Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido, Kenji Tomiki stands out for his intellectual stature and skill in articulating the historical and ethical rationale of the art. Whereas the Founder viewed life and, consequently, his budo, mainly in religious terms, Professor Tomiki espoused a view of aikido that included a […]

Video: Minoru Hirai demonstrates Korindo Aikido

The fact that this video was ever made and has survived is little short of a miracle. It features the reclusive Minoru Hirai Sensei, the creator of Korindo Aikido. Although little known among contemporary aikido practitioners, Hirai Sensei played a pivotal role in the naming of aikido while serving as the General Affairs Director of […]

Video: Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu: Demonstrated by Members of the Takumakai

Here is a marvelous video documentary released in 1980 featuring a breathtaking demonstration of Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu techniques under the supervision of Menkyo Kaiden Takuma Hisa. This is an opportunity to observe an abundance of the intricate Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu taught by Sokaku Takeda over a period of some 50 years. This film is perhaps the earliest […]