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  1. John Nester says:

    Who was awarded a Menkyo Kaiden by O’Sensei himself?

  2. Hello Stanley,
    Can we find something about Hideo Hirosawa in aikidojournal? What do you know about him?
    I didn’t know how to ask this to you, so i post it here. Thanks a lot

    • Hirosawa Sempai taught some classes in Saito Sensei’s absence while I was living in Iwama. I don’t have any contact with him. Please reach out to his organization for more information.

  3. Thank you Stanley, i saw some vids from hirosawa that caught my attention. Beautiful demostrations on how ki Works. Most people say they are fake. I first thought same but now im really doubting. Anyhow, found this master (t is said he is the last uchi deshi from founder) worth seeing about.

    Greetings from spain

  4. John Sandgren says:

    Hello. I am living in Sweden and has been practising aikido for a year and a half now. I discovered the aikidojournal for awhile ago and want to thank you for this veritable goldmine on the internet.
    I am fascinated by the way Seagal performs aikido and wanted to see the clips you recently made awailable.
    It doesn’t work on my IPad since it doesn’t use flashplayer. I have no problem watching clips fr.o.m. Youtube. Is there someway around this problem?


  5. Sara Nielsen says:

    When is the 2015 All Japan Aikido Demonstration at the Budokan? Is it the 23rd?

  6. Stephen Gerona says:

    Stanley can you verify or debunk this? I was told that Koichi Tohei was able to travel and teach in Hawaii only because Morihiro Saito would assume his instructional duties at his (Tohei’s) classes.

    • The historical fact is that while Tohei Sensei was away teaching in Hawaii, Saito Sensei went to Tochigi Prefecture to subtitute for his class. I never heard that Tohei Sensei could not have traveled to Hawaii unless Saito Sensei agreed to take over his classes.

  7. Stephen Gerona says:

    Thank You for your answer Stanley. I knew you would have it, if anyone. Here’s another Tohei question: I know that Saito Sensei visited with him while he was on his deathbed but is it true that no representatives from the Aikikai Hombu did so?

    • I am confused by your question because Saito Sensei passed in 2002 and Tohei Sensei in 2011. I don’t know anything about the circumstances of the death of Tohei Sensei.

  8. Stephen Gerona says:

    I see. Thank you for your answer. My questions to you were to illuminate misinformation and falsehoods being spread by an individual associated with my dojo here in Honolulu. This person is of such a status that his credibility goes unchallenged. He is a former student of Tohei Sensei and a strong proponent, as is almost everyone of his generation here in Hawaii, and many of the things that are said are just irrational or nonsensical. Thanks for helping to shed the light of truth on some these matters. FYI, personally, I follow the teachings of Saito Sensei whose technical knowledge was passed directly from O’Sensei. Saito Sensei studied the longest with the founder as an uchi deshi, therefore I consider his teachings to be the most credible and legitimate.

  9. Sheila K.Barksdale says:

    Midsummer’s Eve is the most yang time of the most yang season and that time of the year it’s wonderful to wend your way to an English Shire where you would have to possess a very Wordsworthian ‘dullness of soul’ not to notice the surge of energy sweeping across the earth and filling the verdure with amplitude. Herbs gathered at the end of June, especially on St John’s Day which falls during that time, have traditionally been deemed especially potent. It is interesting to contemplate that the word ‘drugs’ (originally herbs which were dried/ made drouthie),is related to the Irish Gaelic word for Druids which was Dragoit and referred to the sun-wheel and sunrise. Also the word dragon as in dragonfly, incidentally, a favoured symbol of samurai as it was yang like a sword and moved boldly in swift straight lines without inclination to retreat For many years, I spent summers lodging in a historical house built on an early Saxon site chosen for its water supply and elevation, being on a slight mound. Many times I would walk to the local village and back , re- entering the estate grounds by a short-cut through a tiny side gate originally made for the servants who were not encouraged to despoil the view by strolling up the main driveway. As there was a line of yew trees (often a mark of ancient boundaries) and rumours of a Roman Road running from that gate through the cellars of the house, on this particular day, on Midsummer’s Day at sunrise, when I had entered the gate and was headed up the rise towards the house, I was pondering on the nature of straight lines and trying to mentally align the gate and the Roman road in the cellars. To my surprise, I started to feel a huge surge of energy on the surface of the ground and hovering about a foot above the ground and pulling clockwise as if the house were standing on a clockwise turntable. It suddenly flashed into my mind that where I was standing had once been a moat. It was as though the memory of a body of water (yin) was being acted upon by the sunrise (yang).
    What interests me is whether the Japanese concept of ki as a cosmic flow can be subdivided when it manifests in the human body. I am reading a book by Jan Bremmer -‘The Early Greek Concept of the Soul’ which distinguishes between thymos, noos, menos, phrenes,prapides, cholos, kardia and etor. Considering a definition of menos as ‘not a physical organ but a momentary impulse of one, several, or even all mental and physical organs largely directed toward a specific activity’, then an example is the wounded Glaucus who prayed to Apollo and the god ‘immediately eased his pains and put menos into his thymos’. Considering the thymos, the verb ageiro is used , meaning ‘to collect’ or ‘to gather’ and points to a concentration of something that has been dispersed in the body – when describing Andromache fainting at the sight of Hector’s dead body: “And when she had recovered her breath and the thymos was concentrated into her phren…’ The ground and sideways surging feeling in my feet and legs during my moat revelation experience, might be put in the general category of Ki except for the fact that of the handful of times I have experienced this ‘bolt of lightning’ type experience, each has been completely different. By way of comparison, here is anecdote about helping my handyman carry some heavy wooden boards: in his healthier days, he would always refuse help unloading his truck but this time he was recovering from Stage1V cancer and had lost half his weight and his strength. I was worried about him tripping on a projecting brick on the path and kept warning him to be careful. Of course who should be the one to eventually trip over the brick but me! The board flew out of my hand and he not only suddenly managed to bear the whole weight of the board by himself, he caught my arm to stop me falling: it was as though the juice of his previous strength had returned, literally at lightning speed and surely too swift to be attributed to adrenalin. What I am curious to learn is why the Greeks, who were very observant about the human body, made these distinctions between these non-material potencies, and the aikido world seems to be content with the catch-all notion of Ki?

  10. OSU!

  11. Hi Stan,

    I just wanted to thank you for years of your hard work on documenting history of Aikido. I think without you a lot of important pieces would be distorted or lost. Couple of years ago I bought Saito Sensei’s Ken and Jo lessons but never had time to look at them until now. I am so impressed by Saito Sensei and how humble and brave he was. He didn’t have fear to say that for some of the techniques he didn’t remember how O’Sensei had shown them and had to partially recreate them.

    Very few people gave guts to say things like this. The lesson learned for me was that O’Sensei had left a lot of mysteries and there is still lot of to be discovered from watching and reading about him.

    Stan, keep up the good work for as long as you can! It would be very hard to step into your shoes. You are the very key part of what Aikido is today.


    Andre Kaminski

  12. Thank you for all the interesting information, Stanley. I appreciate it very much!
    A question came up to me, when I read the actual blog about Iwama and the different Aikidostyles, etc. My question is: Why is the misogi practice Chinkon Kishin No Ho, which is practiced in many dojos even nowadays NOT practiced in the Iwama Ryu tradition. Did Saito sensei never teach it? Or what is the reason? Do you have any ideas about this? Thank you, Julia

    • The practice of Chinkon Kishin within the Omoto religion was prohibited a long time ago. I was not aware that many aikido dojos practice this method. How would they even learn it? I have never seen it mentioned that O-Sensei practiced it in the postwar era, but he did when he first entered the Omoto religion. You should be able to find something on this but you’ll have to hunt around.

  13. Silvere says:

    Hello Sensei
    Thank you for this site!

    I have come across this movie : Gekitotsu! Aikidô (1975) which tells the story of its central caracter “Ueshiba” (with a strong feel of a Bruce Lee movie, though).
    It seems to me that it might have been based on O Sensei’s biography (perverted by the canons of this kind of cinema).
    Do you know of this movie? What do you think?
    The movie seems to be available on (parts 5 to 9) :

    Kind regards

  14. JasonCelestino says:

    Hello Mr. Pravin,
    First I would like to say thank you for your wonderful website of aikido. I have purchased wonderful instructional courses from it. I am in pursuit of Imaizumi Senseis Approaching Aikido Through Footwork dvd set and the Shin Budo Kai website says it available for sale through your site but I cannot find how to purchase. Can you please help me out

    Thank you for your help with this

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