1. Rafael DesMoya says:

    Thanks, Mr Pranin, for your efforts.

    There is too little detailed information on O’Sensei’s technique (the minutiae matters, too). The videos are mostly really early or really late periods, and are generally demonstrations – facts that probably skews things.

    I’ve been at it in Aikido for ~20yrs. I do it for myself and never wanted to prove anything (rank wise), as I was already an accomplished martial artist when I started it (or so I believed). I came to Aikido looking for more, to go beyond muscles, grappling or striking methods. O’Sensei blew my mind… his philosophy on the purpose and mechanics, as well as on Ki. Testimonials and all said by his closest students are also corroborative of his legend.

    I was lucky to have a very humble and deeply sincere instructor in my first contact w Aikido, back in Florida. My first seminar was with Saotome Sensei. Since then I have been to many, and I’ve always yearn to find more about O’Sensei.

    But I confess that I have not found nearly enough to satisfy me.

    PS – I too generally disregard much of the Kami talk as O’Sensei’s way of talking and interpreting certain ideas. Although much of it has become part of my personal dogma.

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