An Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo Course in 20 modules
by Morihiro Saito, 9th dan!

An Online Video Course Covering All of the Basic Aiki Weapon Forms!
Now Mobile Friendly!

In addition to the paired jo forms that accompany the 31-jo kata, Morihiro Saito Sensei assembled 10 kumijo for partner practice and demonstrations. These kumijo were based on partial movements he learned from O-Sensei in Iwama. Here are some examples.

The kumijo — as all weapon forms — require great caution during practice. The maai or combative distance changes rapidly when 2 partners use a ken and jo which extend their reach. Saito Sensei always emphasized safety in training both when practicing taijutsu or weapons.

Course content

The “Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo Course” consists of 20 video modules available for online viewing and downloading. The first section of the course includes Saito Sensei’s subtitled instructional videos that cover the following material:

  • 7 Ken Suburi – The basic sword forms
  • Ki Musubi no Tachi – The matching sword form to develop breathing and synchronization
  • 5 Kumitachi – Henka no Tachi – Paired sword practices with variations
  • 31 Jo Kata – The staff form created by Founder Morihei Ueshiba and taught by Morihiro Saito
  • 20 Jo Suburi – The basic staff forms
  • 31 Jo Kumijo – The partner exercises created to enable paired practice of the 31 jo kata forms
  • 10 Kumijo – Paired staff forms devised by Morihiro Saito based on forms left by the Founder
  • 13 Jo Awase – A short set of staff forms bequeathed by the Founder Morihei Ueshiba


The second section comprised of instructional and demonstration footage traces the evolution of Saito Sensei’s ken and jo forms over a 30-year period in the 20 modules comprising this course. You will see rare clips of weapons instruction and demonstrations beginning in 1964 through 1993. This will afford an insider’s view of the development of ken and jo practices over time.

Benefits to your aikido training

If you have read this far, I think it safe to conclude that you understand the numerous benefits to be gained from including aiki ken and jo practice in your training. What happens when you start to practice aiki weapons?

Your wrists, upper body, hips and legs will become strengthened due to the new forms of exercises you will be practicing.

You will develop a heightened sense of maai or combative distance due to the nature and greater reach of these weapons. This increased awareness and sensitivity will directly translate to your taijutsu training.

You will appreciate the genius of the Founder in incorporating the principles of the ken and jo to the taijutsu curriculum. The use of body placement and hipwork in aikido, especially, derive from sword principles.





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