Magazine: Aiki News Number 33, March 1979

“It’s not good to teach only flashy techniques in order to be regarded as a great teacher.”

“During practice O-Sensei would teach the techniques he had developed up to that point as if systematizing and organizing them for himself. If we started doing suwariwaza, we would continue doing that only, one after another. The sempai and kohai would practice together and the kohai would take ukemi. When the sempai finished the right and left sides and the kohais’ turn came, it was already time for the next technique!”

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  • Editorial – “Lifting the Veil of Obscurity Surrounding O-Sensei,” by Stanley Pranin
  • Interview with Morihiro Saito Sensei (2), by Stanley Pranin
  • Morihiro Saito Technical Notebook (2) — Katadori Dai-nikyo “Kihon” (Basic); Katadori iriminage; Katadori koshiwaza,” by Morihiro Saito
  • Kawaridane Nihonjin (3): “悲願の岩間隠せい 修行のやり直し専念” (Japanese)
  • O-Sensei Biography — “The Unchanging Path” (Chapter 1, Part 4), by Kisshomaru Ueshiba
  • East Meets West: “On Harmony,”by Midori Yamamoto

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