Magazine: Aiki News Number 88, Summer 1991

“One day, O-Sensei said, “Taijutsu which encompasses the theory of the sword is aikido.”

Aiki News Number 88, Summer 1991


     ● Editorial – The Winds of Change, by Stanley Pranin
     ● Letters to the Editor
     ● Interview with Morihiro Saito, by Stanley Pranin
     ● Morihiro Saito Technical Notebook — Shomenuchi kotegaeshi, by Morihiro Saito
     ● Open Forum
     ● Daito-ryu Aiki Budo , by Takuma Hisa
     ● Aiki News Video Catalog
     ● Aiki Forum – Shindo Muso-ryu Jojutsu, Kenji Matsui
     ● Interview with Tokimune Takeda, by Stanley Pranin
     ● Yoshinkan Aikido Techniques: Iriminage applications, by Gozo Shioda
     ● Heard in the Dojo

Aiki News and Aikido Journal were a series of newsletters and magazines edited by Stanley Pranin dealing with all aspects of aikido and related disciplines published continuously from 1974 through 2000. 119 issues were produced during that period of time that includes hundreds of articles and interviews, thousands of photos, technical features and rare documents that have led to a deeper understanding of the fascinating stories behind the martial art of aikido and its Founder.

Thousands of aikidoka have had their lives changed through the information and inspiration they have gained from consulting these unequalled reference sources offered by Aikido Journal. Now it’s your turn to open your mind to this vast world of knowledge!

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