Magazine: Aiki News Number 94, Winter-Spring 1993

“I believe that Saito Sensei is capable of seeing
the hearts of people directly on a spiritual level.”

“Aikido’s technical debt to Daito-ryu is immense. It is difficult to find a movement in aikido which does not originate in Takeda’s jujutsu form.”

Contents of Aiki News Number 94

  • Editorial – “Daito-ryu and Omoto: The Two Pillars of Aikido,” by Stanley Pranin
  • Editorial – “Significant doings at Aiki News English Editorial Office,” by Diane Skoss
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Readers’ Forum: “Bullies in the Dojo”
  • Interview with Paolo Corallini, by Stanley Pranin
  • Yoshinkan Aikido Techniques — Shomenuchi udegaraminage, by Gozo Shioda
  • Interview with Katsuaki Asai, by Stanley Pranin
  • Weapons Training and Aikido, by Larry Bieri and Patrick Augé
  • Aiki News Videotape Catalog
  • Morihei Ueshiba and Sokaku Takeda, by Stanley Pranin
  • Aikido Techniques Compared — Yokomenuchi Yonkyo Urawaza / Yokomenuchi Yonkyo Osae, by Gozo Shioda, Seiseki Abe, Kyoichi Inoue, Yasuo Kobayashi, Kiyoyuki Terada
  • Heard in the Dojo: “In Memoriam — Terry Dobson (1937-1992)

Morihiro Saito with Paolo Corallini, c. 1990

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