Shoji Nishio: “Aikido represents a major
departure from its predecessor arts”

“When I asked how the sword was used in aikido I couldn’t get a convincing answer. I came to the conclusion that I had to study it myself.”

“Aikido represents a major departure from its predecessor arts that focused exclusively on winning or defeating an opponent. It is natural that the way to present aikido techniques differs greatly from that of other martial arts. It goes without saying that aikido techniques are very complex and sophisticated.”

“Certain people in the world of Japanese martial arts began to doubt that aikido was a martial art. This doubt concerning the martial nature of aikido is often voiced both in Japan and abroad. We have done our best to convey the words of O-Sensei to present-day practitioners and exemplify these principles in our own practice.”

This photo was taken c. 2003 during the planning phase for Nishio Sensei’s only published book, “Aikido — Yurusu Budo” which appeared in 2004. This 208 page technical book is part of the Nisho Aikido Study Course package described below.

“The founder often said Aikido includes not only empty-handed techniques but also the ken and jo. Thus, in our aikido practice we always train to be able to immediately to use the ken or jo from any technique according to the individual situation…”

“Exciting highlights from Shoji Nishio’s Katadori Menuchi and Aikido Toho Iai videos”



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