Shoji Nishio was one of aikido’s true innovators, possessor of a dynamic style built on long years of study in other disciplines melded superbly into his unique aikido. Speed, effectiveness, and elegance are the hallmarks of Nishio Sensei’s aikido.

The above video clip presents highlights from the Shoji Nishio 4-DVD Set available through the Aikido Journal product catalog.

Aikido Journal has published a set of 4 DVDs that capture Shoji Nishio’s technical legacy as compiled during the height of his career. Nishio Sensei attached great importance to the martial integrity of aikido and thoroughly explored the use of atemi and the ken and jo in his curriculum. These study aids are essential to learning Nishio Sensei’s vast aikido system and will stimulate the thinking of beginners and advanced students alike. The 4-DVD set is available only through Sunday, November 18 for the special price of $49.95.

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