“Shoji Nishio’s dilemma… and his solution”


“Our way of doing it is to take the opponent’s mind before receiving the strike.”

Shoji Nishio began his aikido training at the end of 1951 when there was little activity at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo. Kisshomaru Ueshiba and Koichi Tohei, and a small cadre of relatively inexperienced instructors conducted classes. Although Nishio Sensei was captivated by aikido and the art of Founder Morihei Ueshiba, he felt disillusioned at the lack of martiality and weapons training at the central dojo.

Being unable to get satisfactory answers to his questions, and absent weapons training, Nishio Sensei set out to crosstrain in other martial arts to fill the gaps. He already had a background in judo and karate. Nishio Sensei expanded his training by studying the use of the jo and ken, and also took up iaido training.

Over a span of decades, Nishio Sensei and his senior students developed an elaborate system built on aikido’s fundamentals, but that reintroduced martial integrity and the use of weapons.

The four lengthy instructional videos compiled by Nishio Sensei in the late 1990s present his unique system. Here we present highlights of these videos for the study of our audience of aikido practitioners.

Notice how Nishio Sensei executes his atemi simultaneously with the attack of uke

The atemi reaches uke’s face causing a “flinch reflex”

Uke’s body structure is broken rendering him unable to execute a strong attack

Setup for nikyo as Nishio Sensei prepares to move to uke’s side

Another extended reach atemi executed simultaneously with uke’s initial attack

Applying a standing sankyo pin

Execution of an unusual pin as Nishio Sensei bars uke’s extended arm to immobilize him

Chudan kamae with bokken. Nishio Sensei’s taijutsu and weapons system is totally integrated.



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