Video: Frank Doran Sensei, 7th dan, instructs at Aiki Expo 2002

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Frank Doran Sensei, 7th dan, is one of the founding fathers of aikido in Northern California. He began training in 1959 in San Diego, California under Tokuji Hirata, an early student of Koichi Tohei in Hawaii. Doran Sensei is one of the main instructors in the San Francisco Bay area and a leader of the California Aikido Association heading Division 2 of that organization. He has traveled extensively in the U. S. and Europe giving aikido seminars.

“Stressing that aikido is budo–a way of life that seeks to polish the self through a blend of rigorous physical training and spiritual discipline–his classes emphasize a balance between effective technique and the philosophical, ethical, and spiritual aspects of aikido.

His current rank of 7th dan was awarded in January 2001 by Aikido Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba (grandson of the founder of aikido) at the Hombu Dojo, World Aikido Headquarters, Tokyo.”

This video offers highlights of Frank Doran Sensei’s seminars at Aiki Expo 2002 held in Las Vegas, Nevada. His teaching method is very detailed with a liberal touch of humor. Doran Sensei’s aikido is very precise and powerful and stresses the importance of posture and body alignment.

Duration: 8:58 minutes
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