Video: Hiroshi Ikeda demonstrates at Aiki Expo 2005

Hiroshi Ikeda: His Aikido is “Crazy Good!”

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Duration: 5:01 minutes
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Hiroshi Ikeda, 7th dan, is the chief instructor of Boulder Aikikai in Boulder, Colorado. He is one of the top aikido instructors in the USA due to his incredible skill level and extensive travel schedule which has carried him all over the USA and many foreign nations. This video clip from Aiki Expo 2005 which took place in Los Angeles, California, features Ikeda Sensei’s entire demonstration at the event.

Ikeda Sensei’s performance is a study of efficient movement and relaxed, explosive power. One well-known kobudo teacher once described Ikeda Sensei’s aikido as “crazy good.” He maintains perfect balance and impeccable timing to control uke. Ikeda Sensei’s aikido is exemplary in all respects.

Born in 1950, Hiroshi Ikeda began aikido training under Mitsugi Saotome while a student in the aikido club of Kokugakuin Univesity. He entered Saotome’s Reimeijuku dojo in 1970. In 1976, he relocated to Sarasota, Florida where he taught from 1978-79. Ikeda Sensei moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1980 and established the Boulder Aikikai, part of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba organization. He travels extensively throughout the USA and abroad conducting seminars.

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