Video: John Goss, 7th dan Korindo Aikido, at Aiki Expo 2002 in Las Vegas

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John Goss Sensei operates a Korindo Aikido dojo in Baltimore, Maryland. He is also a long-time Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu student of Katsuyuki Kondo Sensei. Goss Sensei has also developed exceptional skills in the hanbo, a short-stick weapon with applications in such areas as law enforcement.

In this most unusual video clip, you will see Goss Sensei’s outstanding presentation of the hanbo at Aiki Expo 2002 held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The realism of this demonstration caught the audience by surprise and held them in rapt attention. In this performance, you will see yet another application of aiki skills to a weapon that will be unfamiliar to most.

Duration: 3:24
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  1. Robin Karlsson says:

    I’ve seen this demo before and I appreciate it very much, mainly because it’s different and shows “forgotten” applications. Kudos to Goss sensei, I’ve no doubt he’d be able to deal with most types of attacks in an aiki-manner with his hanbo.

    What I turn up my nose at are the stereotyped aikido attacks (with knife/tanto) that flourish in every aikido demonstration I’ve ever seen which is meant to simulate and show realism. I’m refering to the: here’s-the-knife-in-my-right-hand-by-my-waist-and-I’m-now-going-to-telegraph-to-you-were-it-is-and-then-take-a-big-step-forward-to-reach-you-and-swing-the-knife-wildy-above-my-head-towards-your-face-and-hope-I-hit-something-type of attack. Yes, that type of training has it’s place too, and those types of demonstrations have their place too (like to emphazise riai, which may be Goss sensei’s idea with this demo).

    Realism to me is quite different though, sure it might look like this if the attacker is very clumpsy and trained some sort of martial art before. One example of realism to me would be a fighter who bridges maai, pulls out his weapon on the way in to stab you in your prostate and seamlessly follow up with your kidney and then throat if you dodge the previous attack. Still very much possible to deal with and it would still look good in a demo, but would require a different type of training (still Aikido). I guess another word for realism in this context could be sincerity.

    My philosophy is that if you can’t treat weapons with respect and use them in a “correct” skilled manner don’t use them at all. Personally this has led me to cross-train in Pekiti-Tirsia Kali to get some skills with knife/tanto and short sword/hanbo, I’m working hard to put aiki into what I’m learning. My main reason for cross-training is that I got fed up with the scarce and poor tanto work in my aikido training.

    This is not a rant on this particular demo, nage or uke, it’s just me venting my frustration with what I get when I see the words “aikido” and ”realism” in the same sentence or paragraph connected to a weapons demo. So what does realism look like? Surely it’s different to different types of people. Maybe, with good fortune, I’ll get to show you my idea of realism one day. I’ll just get myself some skills first 🙂


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