Video: Tetsuzan Kuroda, Headmaster of Kuroda Family Bujutsu, at Aiki Expo 2003

“Martial Artist of Impossible Skills!”

Tetsuzan Kuroda, the headmaster of the martial legacy of the Kuroda family, is one of the best known and respected of contemporary Japanese koryu practitioners. He is one of Japan’s finest swordsman, a master of a variety of classical weapons, and an adept in the soft-style Kuroda family jujutsu. This video was shot during the course of Aiki Expo 2003.

One quickly runs out of superlatives when attempting to describe the skills of Tetsuzan Kuroda Sensei. Watching Kuroda Sensei draw his sword is a stunning experience. It’s akin to a religious revelation where you humbly thank the Creator for allowing you to witness such a miracle of movement!

Kuroda Sensei is a wonderful teacher who patiently circulates among his students during class pointing out the minutest detail and letting everyone feel his technique. It seems that his body is constructed in a different way compared to that of the normal human being. He assumes with ease postures that are impossible or excruciating for the untrained individual to attempt. Everything about his art stimulates you to set your goals at a much higher level. Old limitations become the floor from which to ascend to new heights!


Duration: 23:07 minutes


  1. Russ Qureshi says:

    Great stuff….did Kuroda sensei demo at anymore Expos Stan?

  2. michaeldavis says:

    This kind of teaching is a source of my frustration with aikido. Many teachers are trying to teach this, and I doubt they understand what they are trying to teach. And those who are being taught are left to reach to a place which does not exist, with an ‘ah’ expression on their faces as they drop to the mat like a sac of rocks. Subtle energy cannot be understood without first having experienced coarse, raw, non-cooperative energy. Learn that first. Learn it with static kihon waza, so that fundamental movement against strength can be understood. Learn it under the context of judo, wrestling, boxing. Contend first. Once you understand how to deal with energy on a beginner’s level, then move on to the subtle energy practice, because then, maybe you’ll have a clue. If you are a new aikido student without previous martial experience, and you are being taught this, ask yourself if you are ready for such abstract teaching. If you are a teacher who believes they understand this, please, teach it to those who have first crawled and walked. As for me, I have the background, and I still can’t wrap my head around it.

  3. carinareinhardt says:

    Thank you Stan, Kuroda Sensei is really rooted and centred. Our Sensei also tells us to do as if we have a sword in our hands, but this is a great demonstration, should try it in class.

  4. Where is the video I can’t see it in this page…

  5. Tom Huffman says:

    This is nice and slow and the attacker is not fighting back. So you start out with something called an attack that in truth is not. I teach for more realistic stuff. You might become an expert in this and get into a real encounter where you only get one shot and it Absolutely Positively MUST Work or you or whoever you are defending is toast. In such an instance you will need extraordinary luck. Don’t count on it. Pray for the attacker to stop and you will have just about as much luck.

    I’m depending on keeping the tie with the attacker dead center in my center (where the sword is held) and moving to stretch the attacker without causing a rebalance step or preventing a rebalance step and let gravity do the work. A person with any professional skill level will take the step and be very hard to move or take down. That tests your “Truth”.

    Nishio Sensei would say “Gambatte” Good luck.

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