Video: Masando Sasaki, 8th dan, at Aiki News 30th Anniversary Demo in 2004

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This video is an excellent 24-minute long demonstration featuring Masando Sasaki Sensei, 8th dan Aikikai. Sasaki Sensei began aikido in 1954 while employed by the Self-Defense Agency. He later joined the Tempukai and Ichikukai which were popular among teachers and students at the Aikikai during this period. Sasaki Sensei is also a priest of the Yamakage San’in Shinto sect. He is an outstanding teacher and delightful personality as you will see in this video. Excellent technique and an irresistible sense of humor! (Japanese-language)

Duration: 23:51
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  1. Alister Gillies says:

    Jackie Mason of Aikido? A translation would be great – any sub titles?

    • Folks, you must understand that subtitles/voiceovers are very time consuming and expensive to produce. If I do these things you will get very little content and I will soon go out of business. The way this problem can be solved is the aikido community at large takes on the task as a team. Then everything is possible. Those of you who run businesses I think will understand the reasoning here.

  2. Nice video but as I don’t speak Japanese having some translation would be nice. A voice over would have made this more interesting. Thanks for posting though.

  3. He is a joy!!

  4. Tom Foucha says:

    You mean theres not an app for that :), I do understand and my comment was not a knock on the anything that has been done here. One day technology will be at the point where instant on the fly voice translation is not new technology but old tech. It is already available on mobile devices and I’m sure they will find a way to on the fly translate recording and video. Thanks for sharing these great videos.

  5. MinoruTANAKA says:

    “Outstanding teacher and delightful personality”, I agree completely with you, Stan, when you qualify Sasaki Sensei. In fact, it’s not a demonstration in a standard meaning, but a very teaching, in which he is trying to open our eyes to what we (a beginner like me, at least) don’t see in learning Aikido base. Despite a couple of short passages difficult to understand due probably to his microphone setting or position, the video is such an excellent document that I’d like to download onto my PC in order to have frequent easy access.
    1) So, why is it not authorized for us to download? Otherwise, is there any DVD available, comprising the video ?
    2) By the way, I wonder what can be the expression in “kanji” of his first name “Masando”, that seems strange for a Japanese citizen.


    • Minoru,

      Thank you very much for the feedback. Here are the kanji for Sasaki Sensei’s name: 佐々木将人
      This is a members site with protected content. Our model is that of a repository that is always available for access by members. Since there are expenses involved in maintaining such an operation, we charge a subscription free for those wishing to access all content. It is available to them on a permanent basis 24/7 with more content coming every day.

  6. MinoruTANAKA says:

    Thank you Stan for your reply to my remarks on Sasaki sensei’s video.
    1) I understand your argument. So, I’ll login each time when I need to have a look at the video.
    2) You are right. It reminds me of the Japanese first name that I had forgotten, very rare (archaic? Sorry!) for its pronunciation. In the present day, I’d say “Masato”. However, should I also say that his way to pronounce sounds to us with far more depth in its meaning “a man who leads” (like a Shogun). It’s, somewhat similar to one of his remarks in the video : while speaking about the Té-gatana, Sensei says that “put your heart” on the cutting edge, and not on the opposite side, gives a depth to the arm!

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