Video: Morihiro Saito demonstrates the Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo at the Aiki Shrine in 1979

This video is a rare film treasure that was shot in Iwama in front of the Aiki Shrine in 1979. Morihiro Saito Sensei is in spectacular form as he demonstrates Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo suburi and kata exercises. His movements are incredibly precise and powerful as Saito Sensei personifies the spirit and concentration that should enliven practice of the ken and jo. Saito Sensei’s uke in this film are Bernice Tom and Ryuji Inagaki, younger brother of Shigemi Inagaki, present head of the Iwama Dojo.

Here are the contents:

Ken suburi
Ken awase

Jo suburi
31-jo kata
13-jo kata
31-jo awase

Videos such as this are part of the on-going effort at Aikido Journal to amass a huge catalog of visual documents on all manner of subjects related to aikido for the edification and enjoyment of the aikido community.

Duration: 9:49
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  1. Absolutely fantastic.

    However if we would do some of these movements in 2000 or 2001, heaven and earth would fall down. Sensei would often say “Burn my old books and films, my technique back then was very bad”, the Takemusu Aikido books are the real technique.” Even so, the feeling and the precision of Sensei’s waza in this movie is astounding.
    Thank you very much Bernice Sensei whom I never had the pleasure of meeting. I met some students of hers, who were excellent persons.

  2. François-Xavier Toledo says:

    I totally agree. It’s awesome! (Though, I would have like to hear the kiai.)
    Each time I see him doing suburi or kata, he has so much energy that it is as if his weapon could go through a rock.
    I guess that what “extend ki” means.

    One question :We have Master Hikitsuchi using the names of Shochikubai no ken and Masakatsu bojutsu. How close are Aikiken to Shochikubai no ken and Aikijo to Masakatsu bojutsu?

    Thank you.

    • Yes, it would be awesome to hear the kiai! It’s an 8mm silent film so we only have the images. Even still, you can sense his command and power.

      Hikitsuchi Sensei began his study with O-Sensei in the early 1950s around the time he opened his dojo. He got whatever O-Sensei showed him at that time and whatever he developed himself. He also came from an iaido background.

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