Video: Superb Seigo Yamaguchi Tokyo Demo from 1988

This is a rare six-minute video clip of Seigo Yamaguchi, 8th dan. This particular demonstration took place in Tokyo in 1988. Yamaguchi Sensei presents an outstanding performance with numerous taijutsu and sword techniques.

Seigo Yamaguchi was one of the most important of the first generation of aikido instructors of the postwar era. He taught at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo for several decades until his passing in 1996. Having now become nearly a legend, Yamaguchi Sensei influenced several generations of practitioners within the Aikikai system during his career including many of today’s senior instructors of the Headquarters school.

It is by viewing such high-level aikido by great instructors such as Seigo Yamaguchi Sensei that today’s practitioners can pick up important hints to speed their own progress in the art.

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Aikido Journal has a remarkable DVD of Seigo Yamaguchi teaching a packed seminar in Paris in 1987. This is a must-have video 97-minutes long filled with amazing demonstrations by this top expert.

“Yamaguchi Sensei’s style was characterized by a powerful, spontaneous technique adapted freely to rapidly changing circumstances. His movements ranging from soft to explosive must be seen to be appreciated.”

Click here for more information and to order this DVD!


  1. Well, I have the dvd so no problem. But AJ should not use flash anymore. All these Mac and iPad users cannot view it. Perhaps this can change?

    • Thank you very much for the feedback. If there are mac and iPad users who cannot view these videos, we want to hear about it. The settings we use are specifically designed to also accommodate iPad users. Please tell us your experience.

    • My daughter has a mac and I asked her to try to view the video. She was able to do so.

  2. Well
    It still cannot view it on my iPad
    Flash version 9 or greater is required.
    Of course i cannot install it on my iPad because of Apple regulations.
    Am I the only one?

  3. Jayesh Karadia says:

    I cannot watch this clip on my iPad either.

  4. I cannot watch the clip on my iPod…

  5. Tom Huffman says:

    Hello Stan,
    I see this was donated by Nishio Sensei. I’m wondering if you have any video of Nishio Sensei demonstrating at the All Japan Aikido demonstrations? Was he ever in the last Sensei’s demonstrating on the center mat? Do you have any video of that?

    • Nishio Sensei demonstrated in the All-Japan Aikido Demonstration in the early years but then stopped because he didn’t like a lot of the demonstrations on display. I don’t remember when he last demonstrated, perhaps in the late 1970s or early 80s.

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