Stanley Pranin’s “Zone Theory of Aikido Course”

“Tai no Henko: How to get off the line of attack!”

Aikido’s tai no henko is one of the most important basic exercises developed by Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba to teach students how to get off the line of attack by pivoting to their partner’s blind spot.

Daily practice begins with tai no henko. First open your fingers. The basis of ura movements is footwork. Bring the toes of your left foot to meet the toes of your partner’s right foot. Turn in a circular movement into a position along your partner’s side. When pivoting, open your fingers fully and extend your ki. Learn to keep your hips stable regardless of whether your partner pushes or pulls.

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  1. Frederic says:

    I’d love to benefit from this course and look forward to it. I am assuming it is a video I can purchase and download to be played back as often as I like. But if it is an online video only, this is inconvenient. So, what is the form of this promising presentation? — Rick Triplett

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