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Incontrovertible proof from O-Sensei! “Nage should initiate in shomenuchi techniques”

Morihei Ueshiba stresses in his 1938 technical manual titled “Budo” that in the shomenuchi iriminage technique, nage should seize the initiative and begin an entering movement in contrast to the norm in aikido practice where uke acts first. The rationale behind this seemingly odd manner of treating this technique is complex enough to demand special treatment as it has far-reaching implications.


The reasons for this are explained in the above video.

– using Morihei Ueshiba’s 1938 “Budo” training manual as a resource

– the importance of nage taking the initiative against this and other striking attacks

– the role of atemi in unbalancing uke

– why uke cannot be overcome with a collision-type response to shomenuchi and other strikes

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